Polyclinic OXY Pula

About us

About us Polyclinic for hyperbaric and occupational medicine OXY is a private, highly specialized medical institution active in the field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It was founded in Pula, Croatia, in 1996. Through its activities, the Polyclinic in a special way continues and develops traditions of Croatian hyperbaric oxygenation, always streaming towards excellence. Our basic activity is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO, HBO2T, HBOT), i.e. therapeutic application of oxygen that patients breathe at

Medical director

Medical director BIOGRAPHY (Curriculum Vitae) MSc. Dejan Andrić, MD. specialist Maritime Medicine DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: June 9, 1955., Split, Croatia EMPLOYMENT: Polyclinic for hyperbaric and occupational medicine OXY Pula, Zagreb Branch, Avenue Gojko Susak 6, 10000 Zagreb, Phone: 01/290-2300; cell: 099/262-7705; e-mail: dr.andric@oxy.hr EDUCATION: 1974th - 1980th of Medicine, University of Belgrade (1995th professional examination); 1986th - 1989th Specialization in Maritime Medicine at

Quality Policy

Quality Policy After many years of hard work and perseverance, we have reached high level of professionalism and responsibility, so the quality of our work is no way behind good practice in HBOT as implemented in the countries of the European Union.