Inside every hyperbaric chamber there is a risk of fire or emergency decompression. However, this risk is merely theoretical, since it is effectively excluded by various measures and procedures. In our facilities nothing even close to fire or emergency decompression risk has ever happened since 1996. Oxygen concentration in the chamber is continuously monitored and maintained within the range of safety. All the chamber occupants must wear clothes made from 100% cotton or nonflammable linen. The same applies for sheets and blankets used inside the chamber. Although you will be wearing protective covers over your shoes, do not apply shoe cream before the treatment in the chamber.

Although the possibility of fire inside the chamber is very small, our tenders and staff perform routinely various procedures as a part of preventive measures. In case of fire in the hyperbaric chamber, all the occupants will be requested to stay observant, not remove the masks and fully and accurately follow the tender's directives. In every hyperbaric chamber there is fire-extinguishing system that will automatically and vigorously respond to first signs of danger. For security matters, fire-extinguishing system was designed to be also activated and operated manually. Its technical accuracy is checked regularly and fire drills are performed periodically with all our personnel. In case of fire of pressure drop risk, the treatment will be stopped in the safest way and without endangering your life and health.

oxygen concentration decompression hyperbaric chamber