Ileus is a disease characterized by blockage of passage of intestinal content and gases through the intestinal tube. This is an urgent and life-threatening condition since it could, depending on mechanisms of onset and the speed of development, endanger the patient and cause death. There are two distinctive types; dynamic ileus that occurs due to paralysis of intestinal muscles, and mechanical ileus that occurs due to an obstruction of intestinal tube. Postoperative ileus or adynamic ileus occurs after surgery in the abdomen. It is a consequence of activation of spinal reflex by pain and intestinal inflammatory response. It is characterized by obstipation, severe abdominal pain, vomiting and fever. General status of the patient is very severe, dehydration often occurs, and abdomen is sensitive even to gentle palpation.

HBOT corrects hypoxia of the intestinal mucosa and prevents progression of damage as well as eventual perforation of the intestinal wall, recovery of motoric voiding of the intestinal tube and peristaltic of the small intestine.

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