Hyperbaric oxygen terapy

Why hyperbaric oxygenation (HBOT)?
There is no remedy that could increase oxygen content in blood. The only possible method that has been known so far is increasing quantity of oxygen dissolved in plasma at an increased pressure - hyperbaric oxygenation (HBOT). This scientifically established method of treatment is provided in hyperbaric chambers while the patients breathe pure 100% medical oxygen at a pressure higher than normal pressure (sea level, 1.0 bar), usually at pressures from 2.0. to 2.5 bars.

Breathing hyperbaric oxygen results in as much as 20-fold increase of content of oxygen dissolved in plasma in comparison with breathing air or 4 to 5-fold increase in comparison with breathing 100% oxygen at atmospheric pressure. Diffusion of oxygen dissolved in plasma towards the tissues results in prompt correction of local and systemic hypoxia (lack of oxygen in tissues).

Why would I need hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the first place? What does it offer to the patients?
Hypoxia, caused by a variety of mechanisms, is a part of a great number of diseases and conditions. In order to afford to the tissues a chance to survive and establish again normal functions, this should be corrected regardless of the fact that hypoxia could be the primary cause of a disease or its consequence. Since hypoxia potentially represents a deadly threat to each and every cell, great interest towards hyperbaric oxygen as well as its broad applicability as a drug is understood.

What are physiological and therapeutic effects of HBOT?

  • increases oxygen content in cells due to oxygen physically dissolved in plasma, thus correcting hypoxia and diminishing inflammatory reaction of tissues;
  • ameliorates blood circulation lowering plasma density, increasing elasticity of membrane of red blood cells (RBCs), lowering aggregation of platelets and white blood cells and hastening growth of new capillary network;
  • eliminates gas bubbles from the organism, which is utmost importance in gas embolism and diving relayed diseases and injuries;
  •  increases defense abilities of organism by increasing the ability of white blood cells (WBCs), halts growth of bacteria and increases bacteria-killing capacity of WBCs, with best results on bacteria that can not survive in the presence of oxygen;
  • potentiates the effects of some antibiotics and some other drugs;
  • exhibits strong effect on edema through vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels), thus extremely significantly contributing to the treatment of many diseases and conditions;
  •  increases defense capability of organism against dangerous forms of oxygen, thus slowing down aging of cells;
  •  increases sensitivity of malignant tumor cells to radiation therapy, ameliorates radiation side effects;
  •  interferes with production of toxic metabolites, stimulates elimination of toxic products of metabolism, stimulates elimination of toxic substances bound to RBCs, what is specially important in carbon monoxide poisoning, but also with other toxic gases;
  • stimulates and accelerates healing of chronic wounds;
  • potentiates healing of bone and cartilage;
  • lowers intensity and frequency of cramps in some neurological diseases;
  •  enables faster recovery of athletes after injuries.

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